Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Charlie and I had a 4 day weekend to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday.  It went by way too quickly, but we had a good time.  We headed "Up North" (a term Michiganders use to describe anywhere in the northern lower peninsula or anywhere in the upper peninsula - usually it involves a large body of water or campfires - or sometimes watching the black bears at a garbage dump).
We spent a little time in Traverse City.....

We went to Manistee.  Then we hit a beach in Ludington.  The Ludington beach is my favorite in Michigan.  It has clean white sand, shallow water to wade in, has free access along the road to the state park, and if you go on a weekday, it isn't very busy.

We also went to Grand Rapids to visit my family for a Birthday dinner.  Mom and I assembled the veggie skewers and Dad was the grill master.  He asked how I always manage to get photos of him cooking -- to which I don't have a good answer.  I suppose because we both have a fondness of cooking and coming up with new recipes.  The chicken he made had been marinated in lemon-lime soda pop!  Charlie says it was quite good.

Anyway, it was a nice visit - albeit a bit rushed.  We also swung out to the Quiggle Farm for a quick visit.  Jen hooked me up with some new plants (to replace the dead ones in my garden).  They got planted on Tuesday and fill up the holes in my garden perfectly.  I didn't get to see another good friend of mine like I had hoped.  We just ran out of time.  Luckily I have a week off in July so I can spend more time with my peeps.


Christine said...

Oh how beautiful. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I am so glad for you both. That food looks yummy!!!

When I lived in the southern part of the state people will talk about going up north and I would get excited because I was raised on Lake Superior, as north as you can get in this state. Then I'd find out they are talking like Appleton which is NOT the REAL up north!

Becky said...

Hi Shari,

I read about your being a fellow Michigander when I commented and read your comment on Jena's blog. You mentioned going to Grand Rapids. We're in Kalamazoo, living on a small little hobby farm with our two horses. I've added your blog to my favs, so I'll enjoy following along as you continue your farming journey as well.