Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The things that aren't dead yet

So, things have been dying off in my garden like never before.  I don't have any special skills in gardening -- I have a few books on the subject that I pick up every once in a while, but that's about it.  I guess I'm lucky to have anything growing at all.  But this year it has been very cold here.  We went for a long time without any rain either.  I am managing to stay ahead of the weeds this year though -- so I am getting better.  I have a couple of things that ARE growing fairly well.  My onions are going crazy again this year!  My peas are looking good too, and lettuce is thriving too.

There are some nice flowers growing in the front yard too so I had to show you a photo I liked.

On the topic of things that are still alive... my love for my husband (and vice versa).  Today is our 4 year wedding anniversary.  He is out on the road working tonight but we do have a long weekend planned.  I'm hoping the weather cooperates for us.  I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off of work (as a birthday present to myself).  I know I don't talk about Charlie on this blog very often -- but it is not because he isn't special to me.  Up until a few months ago I felt the need to be very private about certain details of my life (it would take way too long to explain why, and if you are close to me you probably already know what I am talking about).  Anyway, I wanted to mention him specifically today and declare it "out loud" -- Charlie is the love of my life and I am very lucky to have him as my husband.   I love you, honey!


FlowerMomma said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Congrats. I can't believe it's already been four years!

I'd love to replenish your garden with new starts, we have far more than we know what to do with still.

Christine said...

Happy Anniversary and here to many more.

So it has been cold there too. Well next week it is to be high 80's and humid, perfect August weather! I'll try and send it your way.

Mount Belly Mama said...

Happy Anniversary! It will be four years for us too!

My problem is not lack of rain, but animals that like to eat our garden. The only thing that has worked is the "scarecrow motion sensor sprinkler." Plus it gives them the occasional moisture in the process.