Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Garden update and another feline licks her lips

The baby kitties (there are actually 5) have been hanging out by the door of the barn and are starting to eat cat chow and meat.  Charlie had a hamburger he didn't eat at lunch that I fed to them.  They are greedy little kitties.

Here are a couple of photos from the garden.  I spent some time tonight weeding my plot.  Some things are looking kind of sad -- it keeps getting cold at night and I don't have covers for the plants.  My mesclun lettuce blend looks pretty good though.  Uncle Dave hooked me up with some radishes too.  Yum!


Amy said...

Looks wonderful! I am really bummed I missed you again this past weekend. I have been enjoying your pics from you new camera!

Hope your spring is going well!

Mount Belly Mama said...

Oh, that reminds me... I need to go get some lettuce out of my garden! The one thing I love about cats is that they eat all the leftover meat. So cute.